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Her first solo recording was the unsuccessful single "Ringo, I Love You", released under the pseudonym of Bonnie Jo Mason and produced by Phil Spector.Her second attempt was "Dream Baby," released under the name "Cherilyn" and written and produced by Sonny Bono. With Sonny continuing to write, arrange and produce the songs, Sonny and Cher’s first incarnation was as the duo "Caesar and Cleo." They received little attention, despite releasing the single "The Letter" in late 1964 which featured the B-side "Baby Don't Go" Before being known as Sonny and Cher, the duo released an album under the name of "Caesar and Cleo." The first "Sonny and Cher" album, Look At Us, was released in the summer of 1965.

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She was married to her first husband for nearly 11 years and have raised a son together.Logo, which focuses on LGBT content, is said to have brought Cher on board to work on a TV pilot that would be set in early-'60s Hollywood.She's working with Ron Zimmerman on the pilot script, and it's currently unknown if she'd also act in the project.The duo became a sensation, traveling and performing around the world.Following an appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show in the fall of 1965 in which Sullivan had infamously mispronounced her name 'Chur' during their introduction, the singer began spelling her name with an acute accent mark: Chér—a typographical feature she maintained through 1974. While initially perceived as the slightly awkward and less important half of the popular singing duo, Cher disguised her stage fright and nervousness with quick-witted barbs directed at her partner.

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