Ranbir dating a mystery girl

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His eldest daughter Jenny (Andrea Jeremiah) is a rebel. Soon, a series of paranormal events affect the lives of people around her. Horror films made in Indian cinema are often panned for the shoddy execution and unnecessary skin show.

She is troubled by her mother's death and has a thing for gothic. In such times, Milind Rau's The House Next Door comes as a fresh breather.

Also the point that the movie is trying to make need not have been underlined so in-your-face in the end.

Also a couple of scenes seem to be inspired by 'The Ring', The Excorcism Of Emily Rose. Andrea Jeremiah leaves a mark with a solid performance.

But it's Anisha Angelina Victor as Jenny who has caught my attention the most.

From a troubled teen to her 'possessed' state, she definitely needs a pat on her back for portraying a gamut of emotions with excellence.

Writers: Milind Rau, Siddharth What's Yay: Story, Execution, Performances, Cinematography What's Nay: The pace of the film falters a bit in the second half.

Popcorn Refill: Strictly Interval Iconic Moment: The exorcism of Jenny, her spooky encounter with the spirit in the bathroom, the scene where a dictaphone apparently seems to be having a mind of its own and the one where Krish, inside the operating theatre, is pushing electrodes into an open skull and faces apparitions.

This one has got no 'puraani havelis' or gore to spook you.The story of Bambukat is how Pakko's husband tries to impress his in-laws.The journey of a Punjabi Sikh boy who grew up during the chaotic, violent 1980s revolving around his chase for survival, equality and justice in order to protect and shield society and fight against brutality, crime and corruption.The boy enjoys a peaceful life until one day he finds the truth about his step parents.The discovery disturbs him and it makes him curious to find the whereabouts of his real parents and so he sets off to Pakistan, which marks the beginning of a series of odd encounters for him.

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