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So while love matches used to be made according to socioeconomic and religious similarities, people are now looking inward, seeking mates who confide in them, make them laugh and find them physically attractive.Those qualities can be hard to find, especially when your only chemistry clues come in the form of somebody’s digital profile and a few cropped photos.“You get to the point where you realize whatever you’re doing isn’t really working,” Dr. “Some people will try to lose 25 pounds, some will buy a new dress, some will change their hair.Davis punched up Michelle’s bio, mentioning her love for her family’s summer home and playing up personality traits Michelle had taken for granted. (Photo: Amy Van Van Doran, another independent consultant, told us specificity is crucial.Matchmaking, image crafting, online dating consulting... “Guys have pages and pages of pretty brunette ladies who can spell correctly,” Ms. “What you have to do is stand out and find out what’s specific to you and what’s different to you.”Not a marketer by trade like Ms. Van Doran got her start through traditional matchmaking for an upscale creative clientele—think actresses, artists, photographers, graphic designers and musicians who are trying to find the John to their Yoko.She then started finding dates for those clients, and eventually, she found herself retooling online profiles.She now offers all of the aforementioned services for both men and women.“I love people,” Ms.

It could attract men who’d try to use her for her connections—or intimidate more gutless guys.“It’s not about a cheating curve or making you look better,” Ms. Fisher doesn’t believe a cheating curve would be a bad thing. Davis and Van Doran are certainly pioneers in their industry, but the online dating-coach pond looks poised to swell into a veritable ocean.

“Courtship is not about honesty from a Darwinian perspective,” she said. Online dating behemoth e Harmony announced recently it will soon offer consultant services, linking members with psychologists and marriage therapists via webcam for ,000 per year.

This adds a human touch to a site known for connecting singles based on an elaborate algorithm and a 400-question survey.

After years of meeting liars and duds, Michelle knew her love life needed a shot in the arm.

She’s 39, after all, and despite being a successful attorney, she’s the only one of her friends who’s still single.

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