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For winter, she switches to a more mulberry colored jumper dress with white turtleneck underneath, purple leggings and off-white fur boots.She wears different winter outfits when outside, but her most seen one is a purple hat with pale pink bow, purple coat, pale pink scarf (loose wrap), pale pink mittens, and white boots while outside in the snow.Her Fireside Girls uniform is the same format as her normal clothing, with the exception that her jumper dress is half orange and half brown.She wears an orange beret with a red bow in the front. Her belt is red, and she has a light yellow accomplishment sash with three shaped patches consisting of a teal diamond, a teal oval and a gold triangle from top to bottom, respectively. For swimming, her swimsuit consists of a purple, one-piece bathing suit and a purple bow.As a teenager, she wears her hair down in a ponytail, with a light pink bow.

Isabella has a crush on Phineas; however, she doesn't tell him.Currently, she wears a pink jumper dress with a similar white T-shirt underneath and a purple belt, white socks and pink shoes with white laces.The pink bow in her hair is thought to be her trademark, and she has only been seen without it on a few occasions, but not without it on her head.After high school, she was accepted into Tri-State State College and planned to start attending two weeks early for her multiple extracurriculars.Before leaving Danville behind, Isabella returned to Maple Drive to say good-bye to her old crush (whom she was clearly still very interested in), when he revealed that during high school, he fell for her, but, much like she was, he was too afraid to admit his feelings.

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