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Alison made a firework, and planned to drop it in the Cavanaugh garage in order to scare Toby.

The other girls seem reluctant to join, due to the flimsy plan having so much room for error, yet they all give in.

She invites the girls to a soiree to celebrate her release from Radley, but neglects to extend the invtiation to we, the viewers. I'm distracted by the patterns on Aria's tights. And when someone comes in, the waitress calls her/him "Pretty Eyes! Which means Toby has been on the A team since AT LEAST last year! Spencer tells Toby that she joined the A team to get to him, basically, and kidnapped Malcolm to earn Mona's trust. Red Coat is the boss of them all but is playing one against the other. are NOT a part of the A Team, but are stalking/screwing with the Liars for reasons yet to be determined, but likely stemming from the original issues: Jenna's blindness, the N. Come on, y'all, I need to hear ALL your theories and suggestions!

Don't worry; I'm far too lazy to keep up that terrible typing for the rest of this recap. The girls wonder whether to discuss the potential death of Toby with Spencer, but Hanna is more interested in the difference between English muffins and crumpets. but neglects to mention that crumpets are fucking delicious and English muffins are just okay. It's that old fashioned diner from earlier this year, and one of the As is hanging out and waiting for Jenna, one would assume, since it's nearing 9 pm. Because I've been wanting to learn how to master the smokey eye. Supposition A: Both groups mentioned above are a part of the "A" team, but they don't know about the other group. Also, did Shana date Paige this summer to get closer to Emily? I hate to say this, but I think I'm going to have to rewatch this whole damn show to draw out the times that I know for sure an "A" message was from the Jenna/Shana/Melissa team (like when it was sent from the store in which Shana works).

Aria's father is having an affair with one of his college students, which Alison and Aria discover, and which Alison later blackmails him for.

All of the girls secrets are connected to Alison, and she is privy to them all, claiming it was their secrets that kept them close. It was an incident where Alison convinced her friends to pull a prank on peeping tom Toby Cavanaugh.

She doesn't know who drugged Emily the night that Ali's body was stolen, but she and Red Coat were both there. Mona enters the RV and tells Hacker A that the plan is good, and that those bitches will finally get what they deserve. Maybe she'll find out that he's actually Caleb's small clone? That's set for 9 pm.) Also I guess Jenna is going blind again? Or she's upset that they're still dating even after they broke up last week? Hilariously she says they've been chasing after what they've had . And it's a confab between Melissa, Jenna and Shana! There's some stuff about "they have the tapes" and Melissa says "those bitches will be at the lodge at nine" (or "on Friday night? Spencer tells Toby that he's a sucky-ass boyfriend for being on the A team all this time, and he cries, and then she comforts him. What the hell is she supposed to do, change her nail polish every damn night? Now they're prepared for the party where Red Coat plans to trap them! They're reading , so take that anvil as you will. Why does A use leather gloves to hack into computers? Also, have you ever noticed how all hackers on TV run their programs via DOS? A seems interested in a landing strip (I believe the same one that Ali used for her flight lessons, and not, in fact, a pubic hair formation) and its distance to a nearby lodge. Spencer ventures that maybe Mona is TRYING to be caught, but Hanna is undeterred in her quest to give that little kid actor some screen time. On the Only Street in Rosewood, Aria is wearing stupid tights and is sad that Fitz isn't taking the job for her. Emily's jogging and she sees Melissa knock-knock-knocking on Jenna's door. At Toby's motel, he says that all he knows about Red Coat is that she's in charge. I just noticed that even Spencer's fingernails are painted black. And now they know that Spencer doesn't know who Red Coat is either, which means that she MUST still be on their side! So Spencer tells them that Toby's alive and on their side and that she sent Hanna that photo of her and Ali specifically so that they'd know to contact her. Speaking of the statuatory rapist, he's currently interviewing Hanna for the gig of babysitting for Malcolm. And for once, Hanna puts on some music so that anyone listening in can't hear the plan. And then Toby offers to "take care" of Spencer outside. She tells them that they're making a terrible mistake! And Spencer comes up to confirm it - Ali is Red Coat! This provides an excellent opportunity to remind everyone that , an arthouse film in which Ashley Benson stars, along with James Franco, Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez, is getting a 1000-screen release this weekend. It's a Harmony Korine film, if you're into that sort of thing. They stage a fairly convincing fight for Mona and then go to stake out the landing spot. Outside, Spencer and Toby see someone else approaching the landing site, so he goes after them while Spencer stakes out the landing. A gloved person has locked the girls in the cabin and LIT IT ON FIRE. The Liars plus Mona do a little bit of monologuing - Mona says she only met Red Coat in Radley.

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